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Popcorn time alternative

Before Popcorn Time, the only way to view multimedia content illegally was through web pages that served as a bridge to services where video files could be hosted for playback. Thus we remember the late Megavideo, persecuted by the American authority. Since then, options emerged to play videos from torrents, a distribution medium that can hardly be terminated, as a service. today we share the best Popcorn time alternative.

We will not even talk about the BitTorrent protocol or how it was used for the distribution of piracy, but the software like Popcorn Time emerged to satisfy one of the whims of the “pirate” users: allow the reproduction of movies or series that were downloaded via torrent. Thus the client arrived with a graphic interface as a catalog, which became popular, began to be persecuted, was defeated and finally reborn. If you know what I’m talking about and you don’t want a new goodbye.

I invite you to know the 5 best Popcorn time alternative – because here we know that it won’t last forever.

Torrents Time: play torrents on the web (Windows)Popcorn time alternative

I may not count as a desktop client, but it serves to watch videos from torrents. This plugin represents life after Popcorn Time. The rebirth of the most popular application for distribution. And reproduction of torrents in a web version that any web page that shares torrents can implement

Introduced in the online version of Popcorn Time, pages followed where until recently only torrent files and magnet addresses were distributed. Such as The Pirate Bay and Kickass Torrents. You only need to install Torrents Time to watch your favorite movies and series without desktop clients.

Rox Player: the simplest torrent player (Windows)Popcorn time alternative

As simple as any multimedia player with support for a variety of video formats. And so robust that it can play videos via torrents, an application so simple that you don’t need to be used to the Popcorn Time or Netflix catalogs, but only a torrent file or a magnet address

Rox Player is the simplest Popcorn time alternative that you can find. As it serves the same purpose and is limited to not displaying a catalog of movies that are almost always ignored because they are only available in English. You can associate torrent file types and magnet links to set it as a default player.

Stremio: the most complete alternative (Windows, Mac OS, and Linux)Popcorn time alternative

Whenever Popcorn Time goes to “better life” or is threatened by representatives of the ideas industry. Recommendations arise that we cannot pass up since they could be better or even more complete. Such is the case of Stremio, a desktop client that is not limited to the reproduction of movies and series.

Although it meets the main requirement to be part of this list, this application works as a YouTube client and allows you to watch TV programs and channels, in addition to sending content to Chromecast, Apple TV and DLNA devices, not to mention the support for add-ons which are intended to improve the user experience.

Waifu: Popcorn Time of anime (Windows, Mac OS, and Linux)

Just as there is a “porn” version of Popcorn Time, our otakus friends can enjoy their own exclusive version for anime, which in addition to facilitating the exploration of Japanese titles that we hardly find in the catalog of other clients, was made by fans of Japanese culture for similar people.

May God forgive me before you for having no idea of ​​any specific anime. But if you are one of those who suffer from watching your favorite series and most recent episode. And can’t find a means to watch it with integrated subtitles. Maybe you should give Waifu a chance, this being one of its strengths.

Zona: more content than we need (Windows)Popcorn time alternative

Without exaggeration, even having known Stremio as the most complete Popcorn time alternative. There is a client for the reproduction of torrents that will not disappoint many. Because it not only includes a catalog of the most popular movies and series today. But also music, games, television, radio and sports content.

Perhaps the main disadvantage of Zone is that most of the content in its catalog is available in Russian. Something that can be partially solved in the configurations. Even so, it is still a good alternative. Since it allows you to associate torrent file types to make it your default player.

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